How We Learn

How we learn is 100% determined by biology. It is fixed and unchangeable. By teaching you how the brain learns, you will understand the steps you need to take to learn effectively. 

Why We Learn

Why we learn is called motivation. Fortunately, motivation is a science that can be taught. The Parent Method uses this science to create the motivation to learn. 

What We Learn

About half of what we do every day is done automatically. We call this habit.  The key to academic success is developing the right learning habits that lead to automatic learning.

The Parent Method is the Proven Way To Learn

Thousand of students all over the country are already using The Parent Method with great success. We have combined the most recent learning science with the experiences of thousand of families to create a learn method that is guaranteed to produce results.


The Parent Method is the Proven Way To Learn, turning struggling students into academic superstars.

Parent & Student Testimonials

Families changed by The Parent Method:

I bought The Parent Method out of frustration. I knew my son was smart but I could not get him to focus on his failing grades. We saw an almost immediate change in his focus after only a month or so. Over the school year, his grades steadily improved. He went from a D student to a B+ student. 

Stacey N.

Parent, California

I wanted to do well in school but it seem too hard. I basically gave up. I was going to have to quit football because of my grades. My dad bought the program and went through the steps with me. It taught me how to stay focused and motivated. I didn’t have to quit football.

Michael C.

Student, Houston, Texas

My daughter has always struggled in schoo,l and I really did not know how to help her. The Parent Method taught me how to help my child succeed. We both made changes that created a home environment that has allowed her to flourish. I was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Jennifer J.

Parent, Northern Virginia