The Parent Method Course


The Parent Method Course


Four Powerful Learning Packages in One

  • The Biology of Learning
  • The Psychology of Learning
  • The Habits of Learning
  • Essential Learning Skills


If your child struggles in school, you need to read to this. There is a proven method of turning your struggling child into an academic superstar. The Parent Method is a new learning method that will change your child’s life. Using this method, parent and child work together for the best academic results imaginable. Over the last ten years, Paul Lott Corporation has been working with parents, teachers, and neuroscientists to uncover the secrets to academic performance. We started by surveying thousands of families who demonstrate academic excellence spanning generations. We discovered how these families achieved academic excellence generation after generation. We then combined the results of these studies with the latest neuroscience, we found something amazing. We uncovered a learning method that anyone from any background can master to succeed academically.  It works for K-12 students, college students, and for adult learning. Ninety-seven percent of the students who used our method increased their school performance by two letter grades in just four months. The Parent Method is the Proven Way To Learn. This product gives you access The Parent Method Course through our learning portal. The product includes video instruction, evaluation material, and downloadable course workbook material.


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