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What Is A Rife Machine
What Is A Rife Machine
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Preventing cancer can feel like a endless battle. Final year, there were an estimated 1.eight million new cancer diagnoses within the U.S. alone—a painful speck on the worldwide stage of 19.three million.1 Sadly, as tough as the battle may be, traditional treatment options aren’t healing enough.





Finishless doctor’s appointments, chemotherapy sessions, surgical procedure, and more could be just as taxing on the body as the disease—to not mention all the side-effects that come with those treatments.





However, traditional treatments aren’t the only solution. Alternative therapies embody a holistic approach, focusing on ways to reinforce the body’s natural defenses utilizing minimally-invasive methods.





The rife machine falls under this class, and it’s been used for nearly a century to get rid of cancer cells and shrink tumor sizes.







Within the Twenties and ‘30s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife—a bacteriologist finding out at John Hopkins University—noticed that viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells had their own resonance frequencies.





He built his research off of studies performed by a twentieth-century scientist, Dr. Albert Abrams, who believed:





All matter vibrates (that vibration is what we call frequency), and vibrations had been specific to the type of matter and what it’s made of.



These vibrations emitted by totally different types of matter may be detected, categorised, and measured by specialized operators.



Building on Dr. Abrams’ research, Dr. Rife theorized that cancer cells could possibly be targeted by outside electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Then, the cells would undergo apoptosis (cell dying, where it will either implode or explode). This was the genesis of the rife machine, a tool that matches the specific frequency of various cancer cells and delivers low-energy electromagnetic waves to the body.





In 1934, Dr. Rife conducted experiments on sixteen terminal cancer patients. According to some claims, his rife machine for cancer cured 14 of the patients, and the other two stayed for more intensive treatments. 4 weeks later, the other had been reported to be cured.





Why Isn’t The Rife Machine More Fashionable?



Sadly, research with the rife machine abruptly stopped when the American Medical Affiliation (AMA) refused to publish any paper supporting the rife technology. It’s commonly thought that the AMA was directly liable for the suppression of the rife device, which was considered "new medical technology." In reality, in 1942 the U.S. Court of Appeals found the AMA responsible of suppressing new medical technologies in favor of drug companies.2





It wasn’t until the Nineteen Eighties that research with the rife machine resumed. In 1987, Barry Lynes wrote and published a book titled The Cancer Treatment that Worked, which revived the topic in various therapy circles.





Today, researchers are still experimenting with the rife machine. While there are not any long-time period research on its effects, scientists have concluded that low rife frequency electromagnetic waves do affect tumors while leaving healthy cells untouched.3





While research on its effectiveness are still being conducted, the rife machine has turn out to be a well-known various to traditional cancer therapies. To understand its effects on cancer, it’s essential to know how the rife machine works.





How the Rife Machine Works



Dr. Rife compared his experiments to an opera singer who breaks a wine glass by using her vocal cords. The sound made from striking and holding the proper musical note (frequency) would work together with the glass, inflicting it to vibrate and shatter.





Everything on the earth has its own natural frequency.four The rife machine was designed to detect the natural frequency of micro organism, viruses, or cancer cells, and match them. Like the opera singer and the glass, the rife machine emits a frequency to target the cells and causes them to undergo apoptosis.





Effects on Cancer



Because cancer cells have their own natural resonance (the frequency at which a cell vibrates), they are often focused by EMFs without harming the healthy cells in the body.5





An easy way to visualize what the rife machine does is to imagine you've gotten a soda bottle. Should you open it and listen, you hear the fizz inside the soda. Now exchange the cap on your imaginary soda bottle, and shake it up. In your mind’s eye, you may see what happens in case you open that bottle; the contents would explode in a sticky, sopping mess.





Cancer cells act like the soda in your bottle. In the event you may observe the cancer cells, you’d see and listen to them vibrating. In this analogy, the rife machine is the bottle-shaker; it picks up on cancer cells’ specific vibrations and "shakes them up" by emitting the same frequency at a higher volume.





This causes the cancer cells to vibrate intensely, like the soda, and undergo apoptosis.





Effects on the Body



While the rife machine is chargeable for destroying cancer cells, it leaves healthy cells untouched. According to Dr. Rife’s research, cancer cells vibrate at a low frequency while different cells within the body vibrate at a higher frequency.





Because the rife machine targets the cancerous cells at their particular low frequencies, the rest of the body stays unaffected. Research have shown that extraordinarily low-frequency EMFs have no causal role in cancer development.6 The low-energy waves emitted by the rife machine do little harm to the body, versus traditional cancer therapies like chemotherapy—which comes with a laundry list of adverse side effects.7





Because rife machine deal withments have few side effects, it’s considered safe and may be effective for a lot of types of cancers.





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